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PATTERN EXPERT | Software Solutions

Our products and services are based on the proprietary technology framework PATTERN EXPERT, which enables us to develop state-of-the-art software solutions. Concerning client-specific adaption of existing software or new developments PATTERN EXPERT makes use of the programming languages C++ and C# as well as the application framework Qt. When working with databases at PATTERN EXPERT Access and SQL are the tools of choice.

Methods and procedures comprise Pattern Recognition by means of Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning procedures, algorithm-based spectra database analysis as well as Data Mining.

On the basis of our Pattern Recognition algorithms we have developed a series of easy-to-operate solutions for Image Processing and Image Recognition. The applications range from the analysis of electronic documents, offline quality assurance systems, and industrial machine vision applications, to automatic identification and reading systems.

Artificial Neural Networks assist in the investigation of Biological Neural Networks. These methods accelerate the development of neuropharmaceuticals. Other fields of application are the search for biomarkers and the analysis of genetic information.

Our spectroscopy software PATTERN EXPERT airspect allows you to analyze spectra automatically and with a high degree of accuracy. It opens new opportunities for applications in IR spectroscopy (MIR and NIR), Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and ion mobility spectrometry.